Minions: A Complete Children’s Costume Guide

When Despicable Me was released in 2010, it was a surprise hit, grossing over $540 million dollars worldwide. Even more surprising was how the nation embraced the overall-wearing, nonsense-speaking, yellow Minions that filled Gru’s home. The cute and comical characters inspired attractions at Universal Studios, have become a staple of internet memes and images and sold lots… Read more »

‘Squad’ Goals: The Best Group Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

What makes dressing up for Halloween even better? Doing it with friends, of course! Whether you’re heading out to a party, haunt event, or just hanging out, crafting and executing a great group costume theme is an absolute must. Sure there are many tried and true group costume ideas out there but why not go… Read more »

Your Guide to X-Men Costume Ideas

Before Spider-Man, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy hit the big screen, Marvel’s X-Men franchise kicked things off right in the year 2000 when the first movie was released. Following a successful trilogy, Wolverine received two of his own films, a New Class was introduced, and the entire team rejoined for Days of Future Past. Between that hit and its sequel Apocalypse,… Read more »

Funny Costumes to Win Your Halloween Party

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? While many people might equate Halloween with “scary,” funny costumes are great crowd pleasers and awesome conversation starters. So if you want to be the life of your Halloween party, check out some of our ideas for costumes that are sure to get a laugh. Pop Culture Throwbacks Perhaps… Read more »

#ThrowbackThursday: Retro but Relevant Costume Ideas

For years, pop culture has ruled Halloween with the biggest films and TV shows inspiring some of the biggest selling costumes of a given year. However, sometimes a throwback is in order — a costume that not only invokes a sense of nostalgia but also stands the test of time and can hold its own in… Read more »

Halloween Costume Inspirations from NYCC Cosplay

Is cosplay really any different from dawning a costume for Halloween? Sure there are always the cosplayers who spend months (if not years) crafting their homemade outfits in hopes of impressing their fellow nerds, but there are also those who just like to represent their favorite fandoms or have some fun dressing up for a… Read more »

Couples Costume Ideas for Every Budget

It’s late October, Halloween’s just around the corner, and you’ve been invited to a party. You have your date picked but now comes the question of what to wear. Choosing the perfect couples costumes can be a tall task and expensive endeavor. Luckily we’ve found a number of great couples costume ideas in various categories… Read more »

Fun, Sexy, and Clever Costumes for Your Halloween Party

Everyone knows that it’s mandatory to dress in costume when attending a Halloween party. But everyone also knows that you want to look good at the same time. That’s why when it comes to adult Halloween costumes, sexy sells. Not all sexy costume need to be boring, though. In fact, there are plenty of costumes… Read more »

Top Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2016

The fall is here once again and that means the search for Halloween costumes is on. While every year brings the old classics out — witches, ghosts, nurses, animals, etc. — some of the most popular costumes come from the films that were hits at the box office. That’s certainly the case this year as there… Read more »

Star Wars Costumes For Every Generation: A Complete Guide

Nearly 40 years after it first debuted, the Star Wars franchise has remained one of the largest in pop culture thanks to merchandise, TV shows, video games, and (of course) prequels/sequels. As a result, dressing up as Star Wars characters has been a Halloween staple that spans as many generations as the films themselves. However,… Read more »

San Diego Comic-Con 2016: The News as Told by Cosplay

It may be hard to believe but the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con has already come and gone. However in its wake is news and excitement revolving around the films, shows, toys, and comics that will keep nerds occupied until the next convention. Of course there are also a flood of amazing cosplay photos coming out… Read more »

The Cosplays Awaken — 11 of the Best Star Wars Costumes Ever

It’s hard to believe but the wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is over! While Star Wars-inspired costumes seem to be just about everywhere you go these days, the saga has been inspiring countless cosplays at various events for many many years. With that in mind, we celebrate the release of the seventh Star Wars… Read more »