Funny Costumes to Win Your Halloween Party

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? While many people might equate Halloween with “scary,” funny costumes are great crowd pleasers and awesome conversation starters. So if you want to be the life of your Halloween party, check out some of our ideas for costumes that are sure to get a laugh.

semi-pro-uniform-costumePop Culture Throwbacks

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get a chuckle with your costume is to dress as a character from popular culture. Of course just dressing as a superhero or celebrity isn’t going to do the trick. We recommend choosing something that’s unexpected — like a bit of a throwback to popular films and TV shows of recent years.

For example, a movie that didn’t do so well upon its release but has been fondly remembered in hindsight is Semi-Pro. Who could help but laugh when Jackie Moon (played by Will Farrell in the film) comes walking into your Halloween party? For those never saw the film but have a keen knowledge of U.S. geography, the fact that your jersey is for a team called the Flint Tropics is also pretty comical.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, The Hangover was a massive hit when it was released in 2009. While the subsequent sequels weren’t as well received, the film is still a comedy classic. Similarly, Zach Galifianakis’ character, Alan (complete with fake baby), is a costume favorite that people love to see.

When it comes to funny costumes based on TV shows, it’s best to look to cult classics for inspiration. At the top of that list is the Fox/Netflix program Arrested Development. While it’s not quite as detailed as the one George Michael wears on the show, this a-peel-ing costume will remind people that there’s always money in the banana stand.

Finally, Reno 911! ran on Comedy Central for six seasons and even got its own movie. While the show was filled with many wild characters, Lieutenant Dangle was undoubtedly the most popular. This costume featuring his signature short shorts is sure to be a hit at your party.

Silly Animal Outfitsparty-left-shark-costume

There are some animals that are just inherently silly — I’m looking at you, platypus. Perhaps that’s why dressing as an animal for Halloween is always a hit. Take, for example, the squirrel: while mostly cute, their affiliation with nuts makes them popular for juvenile wordplay. That’s why this  squirrel costume is both adorable and humorous at the same time.

If you don’t want to be an animal, perhaps you’d rather ride one. Thanks to some clever designing, inflatable costumes like this bull rider one will play tricks with your mind before inciting hearty laughter. While a bull is a logical choice for a riding animal, riding an ostrich is somehow funnier. Thankfully, that’s an option too.

However, while squirrels, bulls, and ostriches are all great, there is only one animal that gets its deserves its own week: the shark. In recent years one shark in particular, made a big splash and captured the hearts and minds of all Americans. And now you can be that left shark who remains a popular character even a couple of year’s removed from its debut. Or, if you prefer your sharks a little more ferocious, there’s this shark attack costume that’s both funny and scary.

Couples Costumesusb-port-and-stick-couples-costume

If you have a date for your Halloween party, you might be considering a couples costume theme. For those who don’t want to spend a fortune of costumes, there are some costume packages made for just you. While many of these outfits might be more silly than actually funny, they’re still good for a (perhaps sympathetic) laugh.

The typical jist of these costumes is great pairings. These include things like  peanut butter and jelly or bacon and eggs. As I warned you, some are pretty cheesy… like, literally. This wine and cheese costume is not only a perfect example, but the “4play” label highlights another popular theme amongst these costumes: sexual innuendo.

Since these costumes are designed for male and female couples, they often like to joke about the differences between the two sexes. Such is the case with this plug and socket set. Similarly, this USB stick and port costume is a more modern take on the same basic joke.

For the Truly Lazydepressive-i-hate-insurance-aproncostume

We get it — dressing up in costume is hard. You have to research, find the right size, and perhaps even iron the thing! Luckily, there are a handful of funny costumes that require very little effort on your part.

The first on the list is this missing child milk cartoon hood. You could really wear this with any regular type of clothing, but an all-black outfit would compliment the white container nicely. Granted, this might not be the most comfortable thing to wear all night, but you can’t beat the ease of use.

Love them of hate them, some of the most popular commercials on TV today feature Flo the Progressive agent. While Flo is often chipper (some would say to an annoying degree), this parody Depressive apron sets a different tone. Once again, you could accessorize this to look more like Flo, but it still works either way.

Lastly, who didn’t spend hours of their childhood searching for a man named Waldo who lost himself in the crowd? Waldo’s signature look can easily be achieved with this red and white striped costume kit. Ironically, this bright sweater and cap will actually make you stand out at your party.


Forget scary — Halloween is all about humor these days. If you want to make an impression at your party, look to these funny and clever costume ideas. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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