Minions: A Complete Children’s Costume Guide

baby-boys-minion-kevin-romper-costumeWhen Despicable Me was released in 2010, it was a surprise hit, grossing over $540 million dollars worldwide. Even more surprising was how the nation embraced the overall-wearing, nonsense-speaking, yellow Minions that filled Gru’s home. The cute and comical characters inspired attractions at Universal Studios, have become a staple of internet memes and images and sold lots and lots of merchandise.

Following a traditional sequel to the Despicable Me in 2013, the Minions received their own spin-off film that was released last year. Minions actually ended up grossing more than either Despicable Me movie, raking in over a billion (with a ‘b’) dollars worldwide. At this point, there’s no doubt that Minions are hot property and, as a result, there are tons of costumes available for your child this Halloween.

Like the Minions themselves, these costumes come in a lot of different sizes — from toddlers to teenagers, in human sizes. Some have one eye, some have two; some are rompers while others are tunics. While some of the Minions’ costumes are more generic, the main stars of the Minions film —Bob, Kevin, Stuart— are all represented as well. Below is a chart of several child-sized Minions costumes that you can view by rating, style, and price:

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