‘Squad’ Goals: The Best Group Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

What makes dressing up for Halloween even better? Doing it with friends, of course! Whether you’re heading out to a party, haunt event, or just hanging out, crafting and executing a great group costume theme is an absolute must.

Sure there are many tried and true group costume ideas out there but why not go with one more appropriate for 2016? From films to politics to just some silly fun, here are the best group costume ideas for 2016 and how to achieve your Halloween squad goals:

womens-suicide-squad-deluxe-harley-quinn-costumeSuicide Squad

A perfectly titled film that promises to be hottest group costume theme this year. Not only was the film a massive hit when it arrived in theatres earlier this year but it finally brought fan-favorite Harley Quinn to the big screen. Of course the other famous villains that round out the cast were no slouches either, making the film a fun comic book spectacle that has now inspired some awesome costume looks.

Speaking of Ms. Quinn, there are a couple different options for pulling off her bright and deranged style. The first is this costume kit with Harley’s t-shirt and jacket. However, to really capture the character, consider the deluxe version with shorts, fishnets, and a belt in addition to the jacket and top. You’ll also want to make sure to pick up some pink and blue spray-in hair dye or just grab this wig modeled after the film.

Following Heath Ledger’s brilliant portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight, some thought we might never see the character on the big screen again. But Jared Leto was up for the challenge of taking on the iconic villain that you can dress as with this costume kit ( complete with wig, makeup, and shirt) or this jacket and shirt combo. Don’t forget his “ha ha” tattoos as well.

While Harley and the Joker were the two best-known characters to appear in Suicide Squad, they certainly weren’t alone. To fill out the Squad you’ll want to recruit a Deadshot and Katana at the very least. As for the rest of the gang, you and your friend can get creative to fill out the villainous roster.

Make Halloween Great Againthe-billionaire-wig

Halloween falls just nine days shy of Election Day 2016. While it’s been a crazy and contentious campaign season to say the least, perhaps the holiday is a chance to bring those on both sides of the aisle together for some costume fun.

Naturally you’ll want to have a Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in your group to show how bipartisan your squad is. For Trump you can either grab one of these wigs or this full mask along with any suit and tie. And, of course, don’t forget your instantly recognizable Make America Great Again hat.

When it comes to Secretary Clinton you also have a few options. If you have a professional and presidential pantsuit on hand, you can simply top it off with a Hillary wig. For a lazier and more casual option, you can combine this suit and pearls t-shirt with these fun Clinton sunglasses. Plus, even though he may not be running, our potential First Gentlemen can also join the party when you get this Bill Clinton mask.

Your political theme doesn’t have to end with just the two 2016 candidates. Why not invite some iconic Presidents from the past as well? In fact Abraham Lincoln and George Washington (complete with costume and wig) are always up for some Halloween fun.

poo-emoji-onesieOMG Emojis

Emojis are in no way a new concept but, in recent years, they’ve become a language all their own. Furthermore it seems these smiley faces, animal icons, and other digital stickers have made their way off of smartphones and the internet to become part of the “real world.” What better way to personify that concept than to outfit your crew in full emoji gear this Halloween?

There are a few ways to pull this off that you can choose to mix and match. First there are several large emoji costumes meant to be worn over your chest including the tongue out smiley, the giggling smile, the winky face, and the X-ed eyes “dead” emoji. Alternatively there are face masks available featuring the grinning face, wink, and cool guy with sunglasses emojis.

No matter which option you go with, one thing is certain: someone must be the poop emoji. Not surprisingly there are a few different ways to squeeze out that costume as well. This gross but funny mask is sure to get a laugh but, for a less unwieldy option, you can also go with this poo hat instead. However the real winner here is the poop emoji onesie which looks comfortable enough be worn as your winter pajamas after Halloween is over.

Lastly let’s not forget one of the other classic emojis: the monkey. This mask and gloves set is perfect for joining the emoji gang. Additionally you could pick up three of these and have each person in the trio be a different one of the “see no, hear no, speak no evil” emojis that have become cult classics.

Halloween is always improved with great company. This year make a splash at your party or other event when you and your crew arrive decked out in these fun group costume themes. So be the envy of all other squads this Halloween and have fun!

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